iCash Card is another innovative product launched by G I Technology Private Limited. iCashCard is a unique payment instrument available for Indian consumer, which is safe and convenient to transact with on the internet and Mobile.

To offer safe and easy payment option to Indian consumers, without compromising on their privacy and Security.

iCash Card business idea is to introduce multipurpose stored value card of various denomination (Rs.100,Rs.250,Rs.500,Rs.1000,Rs.2000, Rs.4000,Rs.5000 and Rs.10000) that can be used to purchase various goods and services from affiliated merchants based on Anywhere, Anytime concept. This would result in increased sales for all affiliated merchants and better safety and convenience for the consumer. Having various denominations ensures that it suits the need of all kinds of buyers. No budget constraints. iCash Card is available as a virtual card now; customer can also get the card in variable denomination. For the convenience of the customer, now GI Technology is promoting the virtual card concept. Customer need not carry a physical card, instead the card number and PIN is sent to their registered mobile on purchase of iCash Card. Customer can now get iCash Card with variable denomination with minimum value of Rs.100 and maximum value of Rs.50000.

iCash Card offers opportunity to various business organizations to sell their products/services to consumer on the internet and Mobile. All they have to do is affiliate with i Cash Card as Merchants. For more details please log onto www.ICashCard.in or call on us.