ICashCard is a prepaid card approved by RBI, which functions similar to Debit/Credit cards, developed and marketed by GI Technology, part of GI Retail Private Limited. A 750 Cr group company focusing into various verticals like Travel, Entertainment, and service retail distribution.ICash Card is a prepaid card approved by RBI, developed and marketed by GI Technology. It is neither a debit card nor a credit card, but it works similar to Debit Card, reason being card needs to be loaded with predefined cash value. It has been widely used like payment instrument at locations/services, which currently do not accept cash for purchases on the internet and for select services where this is the most viable option instead of Cash. Anyone can use an ICash Card, all it requires is to fill in a KYC form with required details and you can be the proud owner of an ICash Card.

ICash card is a convenient and a safe alternative to cash as well as credit card transactions. ICash card is a RBI approved, multi-service pre-paid card, that offers, business, retail, institutions and end consumers with a flexible and secure payment option, similar to a debit or a credit card. Developed and marketed by GI Technology, a 750 crore group company, spread across verticals ranging from focusing Travel, Entertainment, to service retail distribution. The ICash card hopes to propagate a cashless transaction environment. The ICash card works similar to a debit card, only that the card needs to be loaded with a predefined cash value. ICash card has widely gained acceptance as an end-end payment instrument. The use of ICash card spans across verticals and geographies.