Customers have many options in today’s market. If the way your business interacts with your customers is a problem, it may be all the incentive they need to look elsewhere. Why give them an excuse?

In a landscape of similar products and global competition, cutting down on defection—or churn—and building loyalty can be a significant way to grow your business. Systematically deliver what your customers value, and fix it quickly when you don’t. Implement measurement and reward systems to encourage customer-centric behavior. With "truly loyal" customers, who have a positive attitude about the business relationship and will give recommendations to friends and colleagues. Think Word-of-Mouth marketing.

There is no better advertisement that a satisfied and loyal customer. And the best way to create loyalty among customers and retain them for life is the Co-Branded ICash Loyalty Program.

This program enables you to keep a track of every single customer, their buying habits, the amount of time and money they spend with you and reward them accordingly. A point based system can be developed to reward customers based on points earned or discounts and freebies could be given to the biggest spender of the month / year. What’s more, you can interact with all your customers by sending SMS and e-mails with special offers and promotions and also festival greetings to them.

This program also gives the advantage of having an inbuilt payment instrument.This can be done in 2 ways

1)Closed System - The card will be a payment instrument which can be used for all online and offline purchases at the merchants Stores. Co-Branded loyalty cards will be issued to all customers. A loyalty solution will be provided to all outlets to maintain and run the loyalty program (add points, redeem points, etc...)

2)Semi Closed System - This will have stored value ability and facility to run Loyalty Programs along with transactional capabilities outside the Merchants environment. For e.g. this card can also be used on 8000+ merchants in various verticals like Travel, Movies, Lifestyle et al. On every purchase outside the merchants environment revenue generated in the form of transaction fees will be shared on a 50 -50 basis with the merchant. This card doubles up as a loyalty card with the loyalty solution.


  • Automated Multi-utility card for retaining your existing customer
  • Built-in Loyalty
  • Cashless environment
  • Customers can store and use cash where needed