ICashCard FAQ's

Is this a credit card or a debit card?
No, this is neither a credit card nor a debit card. It is a cash card. It has similar uses like cash for applications, which currently do not accept cash for purchases on the net and for select services where this is the most viable option instead of Cash.
What is a 'Card Number'?
Card number is the 16 digit number. It is used for authentication purpose for online transactions, purchasing mobile recharges online etc along. PIN should be entered along with the number for authentication.
What is a 'Pin Number'?
PIN is the 4-digit number, PIN is sent along with card detail through SMS. PIN is required to complete payment transaction. PIN should not be shared with anyone and it should be kept confidential.

Where do I lodge a complaint?
You can lodge your complaints on the web site and also with the call center i.e. the customer service executive, our call center number 1800-3006-1080
Do I reveal my card number if I have some queries to your rep over the phone?
All you have to share is your mobile number, Transaction ID if available, in which portal you made the payment against which service. Our executive will be able to answer instantly with available information on status of your enquiry, if there is additional information required it will be forwarded to concerned team and resolved.
Where can i buy ICC?
There are various ways you can get a ICC. ICC is available at all authorized outlets of GI Technology.

You can register yourself for the wallet in the Home page of www.icashcard.in by clicking "Register Now", or visit any of the authorized outlet of GI Technology. To find the nearest location of our outlets you can send a SMS to 9664266000 in following format

PIN [SPACE] <pincode>

You will receive outlets available in the pin code specified in the SMS, you can visit any of these outlets and register for the wallet.
In what denominations is ICashCard available?
There is no specific denominations for ICashCard wallet, customer can register as Minimum KYC and Full KYC customer.

Minimum KYC requires, Customer Mobile Number,Name,E-Mail Id,Date of Birth,Location and PinCode, a wallet is immediately issued with a limit of Rs.10,000 per month.

A full KYC customer need to submit identification proof and address proof as suggested by RBI guideline from time to time. On successful verification of information the card limit will be set to 100,000, the wallet can hold upto 100,000 at any point of time to do payment.

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